Entrepreneurship Driven Model

The advent of one of the most sought-after 24x7 Women Only Travelling Cab System ‘24x7 She Taxi’ in Kerala will account to significant societal transformations with respect to the safety and security of women populace.

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  Technology enabled

The unique innovative intervention seeks to introduce a safe, reliable and full-fledged women oriented traveler cab system to enhance the level of safety and security to the women and ...

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  Unconventional Revenue Models

This 24x7 She Taxi initiative is an unconventional and groundbreaking initiative designed to bring about radical transformations by empowering the women strata in the society.

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Safety Systems

The ‘24x7 She Taxi Service’ is twined with an advanced safety enabled technology that would make traveling much safer and secure than ever.
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She Taxiscape

She Taxi – an out-of-the-box innovative business model is re-engineered to enhance the safety parameters for the women populace.
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Sugatha Kumari
"She Taxi is a bold initiative. It not only boosts the confidence of the drivers, but also of the women who travel in these Taxis. I congratulate the Social Justice Department for this wonderful move"


Emma Cueto
Author, Bustle Magazine (USA) on She Taxis
"Is this something we should have in the United States, too?"
www.bustle.com <http://www.bustle.com>



  • Shetaxi will be '25 Strong' by April end in Trivandrum

    Shetaxi launched in Cochin with 15 cabs

    Shetaxi launched in Calicut with 5 cabs

    Shetaxi has completed 2OO,OOO+ kilometers, 14000+ trips, 20OO+ night trips, in trivandrum

    Shetaxi has a total customer base of 7000+ and out of which having 3500 repeat customers who have been promised given safe and secure technology enabled travel.