She Taxi – India’s First Ever Technology enabled 24/7 Women-Only Taxi

Entrepreneurship – Safe – Unconventional - Transformational

Envisaging fleets of women driven taxis “24/7 She Taxis” cruising the cities and streets instills the beginning of a new dawn powered by technology enabled safety and security cab services to ferry women commuters exclusively. The project is initiated by Gender Park, under Social Justice Department, Government of Kerala.

The ‘24/7 She Taxi service’ traveler cab system is explicitly designed and developed to safeguard the safety of women travelers especially, the working category, students, tourists visiting Kerala etc. She Taxi ensures a safe, responsible and reliable alternative Travel Cab system for the women populace even while on the move. This transformational and unconventional initiative will create an enabling and pro-active environment to address the ever-growing threats on the safety and security of women lives while contributing the social and economic empowerment of women in the State on a massive scale.

The entire service is operated by Rain Concert Technologies [P] Ltd, Technopark and Maruti Suzuki will provide customized vehicles and trainings. The objective is to transform the transportation systems in the state by introducing standardization of services.

The traveler can dial a specific service number [859 0000 543] and book a cab via his mobile. This will be unique for entire state. The traveler will receive a Unique Identification Code along with a 24x7 She Taxi service number. This will allow the traveler can verify the cab number before boarding the cab.

Major systems that are used in She Taxis, mainly to ensure safety are

ersFirst SafeBus: Improving Driving behavior of the She Force, control over speed, sudden break, sudden turn, engine safety conditions, safety meter etc.

ersFirst SafeMe: Personal emergency alert switches to The She Forces, passengers inside car.

ersFirst SafeMe Mobile: Personal emergency alert mobile app on The She Forces outside the car.

ersFirst SafeCity Response Ecosystem

SafetyMap: Map of all emergency Response Systems in the city including Police, Ambulance, Workshops & Puncture Stations, Fire force, Safe Night Shelters for women, Hospitals etc

24X7 Security Control Room:
All alerts will be received and vehicles will be proactively monitored from this control room. Any challenges will be accordingly escalated to the appropriate and nearest emergency Response Systems available

Support of Public Safety Officers:
They will be the first responders in case of any emergency. This will be provided only where they are available.

Safety Powered by award winning ersFirst, From Rain Concert Technologies [P] Ltd.

Entrepreneurship Driven Model

The advent of one of the most sought-after 24x7 Women Only Travelling Cab System ‘24x7 She Taxi’ in Kerala will account to significant societal transformations with respect to the safety and security of women populace. The ‘24x7 She Taxi Service’ traveler cab apart from enhancing the safety and security aspects concerning women will also introduce an innovative and first-of-its kind initiative in the Country’s Employment Business Model strategized and developed for empowerment of women in the State.


Technology enabled

This 24x7 She Taxi initiative is an unconventional and groundbreaking initiative designed to bring about radical transformations by empowering the women strata in the society. This distinctive entrepreneurship driven model also aims to bring about social as well as economic empowerment of women, at large. 24x7 She Taxi is a comprehensive, state-of-the-art solution designed and developed to promote safety of women using enhanced safety and security technology based solutions.


Unconventional Revenue Models

Passionate women with an attitude to bring a change in the society, with certain other prequalifications will be brought to a table with immense opportunities, to make sure merits are not compromised. This includes financial assistance and necessary collaborations – both private as well as public, assured business, elevated profile [She is not a driver – She is a facilitator – She is an entrepreneur, She is an information disseminator, she is a merchant, she is a change maker], technological advancements, unconventional revenue models.