SheTaxis can be accessed by calling 859 0000 543.
There will be a dedicated call center facility and systems to manage fleet and bookings.

Shetaxis will be equipped with several safety features both technology as well as general, such as Safety Alert Switches for Drivers near the seat, Passenger Safety Alert Switches at the back side, Drivers safety systems on their mobile phone, Safety alert receivers and control stations, GPS based tracking system, controlling Over speed, rash driving, sudden brake, sudden turn, remote engine off, theft protection, SheFacts for traveler’s etc. A 24/7 Control Room to monitor and manage this and emergency alerts etc from vehicle or the passenger is set up. This is run on ersFIRST [Emergency Response Ecosystem], developed by Rain Concert. A comprehensive safety map will also be provided which will map every safety resources in the city, including ambulances, security forces, police, hospitals, puncture stations, workshops etc, and even information on safe stays, night shelters, where sheTaxi can drop passengers to safer accommodation. Hence the model built for SheTaxis is in a holistic manner, to overall improve the safety of women and women transport in the city.

Safety Features/ Technologies that are equipped in SheTaxi powered by ersFirst:

ersFirst SafeBus – Emergency Alerts, control on over speed, rash driving, sudden turns/ brakes, engine conditions, vehicle theft security, engine immobilization, tracking, SOS Alert switch in rear seat, Safety Meter for Driving behavior monitoring and training recommendations etc

ersFIRST SafeMe – for passenger safety and emergency alerts

ersFIRST SafeMe – for Drivers Safety

ersFIRST - 24X7 Safety Response Ecosystem which comprises of Safety Map, Public Safety Officers/ Guards wherever available, Safety Control Rooms for validation and mobilising response.
SheTaxis will also be equipped with mobility technologies and systems to know about tourist destinations, shopping deals and offers, online bookings, video streaming etc. All these features will be implemented in a phased manner.

Entrepreneurship Driven Model

The advent of one of the most sought-after 24x7 Women Only Travelling Cab System ‘24x7 She Taxi’ in Kerala will account to significant societal transformations with respect to the safety and security of women populace. The ‘24x7 She Taxi Service’ traveler cab apart from enhancing the safety and security aspects concerning women will also introduce an innovative and first-of-its kind initiative in the Country’s Employment Business Model strategized and developed for empowerment of women in the State.


Unconventional Revenue Models

Passionate women with an attitude to bring a change in the society, with certain other prequalifications will be brought to a table with immense opportunities, to make sure merits are not compromised. This includes financial assistance and necessary collaborations – both private as well as public, assured business, elevated profile [She is not a driver – She is a facilitator – She is an entrepreneur, She is an information disseminator, she is a merchant, she is a change maker], technological advancements, unconventional revenue models.